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As an Ivy League graduate and former Wall Street investment banker, David Jaffee has over 15+ years of trading experience and has helped 2,500+ members earn consistent profits in all markets (even crashes!). 

He shares his proven trading strategies through his YouTube channel (30K+ subscribers) and this program, empowering you to create a better financial future. 

David Jaffee is a supportive mentor who will help you minimize your risk, maximize your profits, and save you precious time you can spend enjoying life. 

His clear, step-by-step approach makes trading simple and understandable. 

Ready to start winning? Don't delay. Enroll now and unlock the confidence and trading profits you deserve.

This Course Is Your Shortcut to Financial Independence

Stop trying to do everything yourself; this course saves you YEARS OF TIME and will save you from making COSTLY MISTAKES

Learn our low-risk strategy in less than 2 weeks and then start earning extra income from your phone in less than 10 minute a day!  

2023 Performance: +138% (Small Account) and 35% (Large Account)

"It's possible to win almost all your trades! I've learned so much from David and I've also made good money from his service. Easy to learn, he doesn't overwhelm you with unnecessary information. He's the ONLY stock market coach I'd ever trust."

Dr. Raymond Chai
Miami, Florida

"David Jaffee is incredibly trustworthy and responsive. He answers all my questions and, most importantly, his strategy leads to consistent and safe profits. I learned everything very quickly. David is a great teacher who makes learning extremely easy."

Aaron Nowensky
Toronto, Canada

Imagine Crushing Your Financial Goals

Stop delaying, start achieving with BestStockStrategy now! 

Unleash your financial potential – just like these members who have secured their futures, built wealth, and reached new heights

How this Course Will Benefit You

Skip the years of trial and error! Access the secret weapon of profitable traders and master it in weeks, not years so that you can maximize your profits immediately. Enroll now and save time, money, and frustration.

12 comprehensive lessons, perfect for ALL experience levels (for those with zero prior experience through advanced traders)

You'll become an expert trader in less than 2 weeks! 

Join the thousands of members who are already profiting in just 10 minutes a day

Small Account Course

(Account Size Below $70,000)

Sent via Email (1 Lesson Per Day for 12 Days) with Text, Videos, a Presentation and Google Docs

Topics Include:

  • Expectations, Terminology & Getting Started
  • Our Watchlist and Evaluating / Choosing Trades
  • Factors Influencing Options Pricing
  • How to Choose the Best Trade Opportunities
  • Setting Up, Finding and Structuring Trades
  • Benefits of Cash Accounts vs. Margin Accounts
  • Trading Naked Options vs. Vertical Credit Spreads
  • Optimal Position Sizing
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Reducing Risk
  • Managing and Rolling Positions
  • Closing Out Trades
  • Advanced Techniques, Directional Trading and Small Account Hedging
  • Best Online Brokerages (Sign Up Bonuses and Negotiating Commissions)

Large Account Course

(Account Size Above $70,000)

Everything in the Small Account Course PLUS:

  • +10%+ Higher Annual Target Returns with Less Risk Than Small Account
  • Dynamic and Advanced Hedging (Profit From Crashes)
  • 0DTE and 1DTE
  • Advanced Trade Structures for Directional Trades - Allows You to Profit, Dollar-for-Dollar, on Large Moves with Little Risk (This Can Make You a TON of Money)
  • Learn How to Earn an additional ~3% - 5% a Year, Risk-Free, Using No Extra Buying Power
  • Ideal for Portfolio Margin, Regulation T & Cash Accounts

    Extra Bonuses:

  • 1x Custom Video: Once You've Completed the Course, I'll Send You a Custom Video that Answers All of Your Remaining Questions
  • 1 Month of Large Account Trade Alerts
  • 1x Private 30-Minute Phone Call (Redeemable for 3 months after enrollment)
  • Once I enroll, how will I receive the course?
    Your course will be sent via email. There are 12 lessons in each course and each lesson is sent exactly 24 hours apart.
  • On average, how long will each lesson take me to complete?
    It'll take around 60 - 90 minutes per lesson.
  • I have ZERO trading experience, is this course for me?
    Absolutely! Both courses assume that you have zero prior trading experience.

    The first few lessons of the course build a solid foundation and not having any prior trading experience will not hinder you at all.
  • Can I use your trading system in a retirement account or when trading a cash account without margin?
    Yes, definitely; the best way of trading a retirement account, or an account that doesn't utilize margin, is explained in the course.
  • I work full-time, is this trading system for me?
    Yes, the majority of our members work full-time and trade with us to maximize their income (in just 10 minutes a day).
  • Am I able to make trades from my phone? Or do I need to constantly monitor the market?
    We make ALL trades from our phone.

    You do not need to constantly monitor the market or place any trades from a desktop computer.
  • Why is your trading trading strategy better than others?
    Our proprietary trading strategy allows you to be profitable in ALL market environments (including market crashes).

    It's a very safe trading system that allows you to beat ~99% of hedge funds.
  • What are the target returns with this strategy? Are the returns higher with a large account?
    We target around 35% a year with the large account and ~25% with a small account.

    The large account has a 10% higher annual return target due to more advanced strategies, trade structures and other reasons explained inside the course.
  • Why shouldn't I just learn on my own instead of paying for a course?
    Most people who try to save money by learning on their own end up wasting years of time and making costly mistakes.

    Plus, during this time, they miss out on the opportunity cost of what they would have made by trading our strategy and earning consistent profits.

    This course will pay for itself over time.

    You can learn our entire strategy in less than 2 weeks - meaning that you can begin earning consistent profits almost immediately.

    Don't miss out!
  • Do you offer financing or buy now, pay later?
    Yes, we offer Buy Now, Pay Later via PayPal.

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"I wasted years and lost money before this! Now, I'm consistently profitable after joining BestStockStrategy!"

Shawn Lyons

Sarasota, Florida

"In 2023, I was up 42% with only 2 losing trades. Also, when the market fell, I made money. I doubt that the market will be as strong as it is in 2024 as it was in 2023, which is good for me because with this trading strategy, I'll crush the market even more!"

Kolten Kelley

Los Angeles, California

"Best way to make consistent profits in every market. People tend to make money when the market is up but this trading strategy makes a ton of money even when the market is down."

Richard Cooper

New York City

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